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Who Is Jen Renee?

It's a question I ask myself each day. And well, it keeps changing as I keep evolving and growing as a human being; whether in my professional or personal life. But... the one thing that doesn't change is that I'm an artist.

I see the world in a different way, or at least try to on a daily basis. I create art using the most ordinary of subjects and do so using my camera. Photography is not only my career but also my passion and way of expressing myself personally. Through day to day photos or Instragram (@vivalajenrenee), you'll find me making art.

What else do I like to do when perhaps I'm not behind my camera? Or what is it that I just like in general?

- Driving (anywhere and everywhere and yes, I know it's odd that I live in the land of a million cars and traffic is slow but believe it or not, I still love to drive!)

- Traveling (Just came back from England. Needless to say, I have the travel bug... let's go!)

- Reading (although I don't get to read as much as I'd like, considering I'm either driving or behind my camera)

- Animals (I'm a sucker for a furry lil face)

- Anything medicine related (I did, after all, aspire at one time to be a brain surgeon... my how things change!)

- Grey's Anatomy and Scandal on Thursday nights and okay, I'll admit... Bachelorette / Bachelor on Mondays!

- Crime TV, namely ID TV (ok... maybe it's an addiction and I should seek a support group but come on... who doesn't love a good mystery complete with murder, intrigue, scorned women AND men and so on? I will freely admit I'm a Lt. Joe Kenda groupie)

- Playing music and singing (I'm lead singer in a Classic Rock/Disco/Pop/Country/Whatever cover band called Under Cover... you can check us out on FB at We might just be playing at a venue near you!)

- Playing a game of Scramble on my iPhone and trying hard to beat my arch nemesis (I'll get you again, Kimberly... someday I will!!!)

- The feel of sunlight on my face (although you won't find me hanging out on the beach, you can find me like a happy dog with my head hanging out my car window soaking up the sun. Pure bliss!)

- Much more... way too much to list. Wouldn't want to bore you before you even check out my work.

( Photo credit: Toki Lee of Toki Lee Photography / )